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Imagination is more
important than

Albert Einstein
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About Us
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We hope you enjoy
reading and writing
with us!
KidsWrite.biz is owned and operated by Nora and Rodney Jones.
Our mission is to provide activities so that kids can explore their creative genius and write,
write, write. We aim to encourage as many budding writers as possible and we welcome all of
your contributions. Please feel free to send us your stories and jokes so that we can publish
them on our site. We also welcome feedback on any aspect of our website.

The site is divided into three main areas:

Fun Pages
On these pages, you will find activities galore to give you story ideas and inspire you to get
started. We are continually adding new activities to this section.

Puzzle Pages
The puzzle pages have loads of fun puzzle-type activities to get you thinking and creating.
This section is also continually updated.

In this section, you can read jokes and also submit your very own jokes, riddles and brain

Throughout the site, you will receive writing activities from Harry Hardcover and every now and
then, he will give you extra writing tips and prompts. There are no age limitations to the
activities. You are free to work at your own pace and level.

You will also find links to Nora's stories throughout the site.

Nora is proud to announce her recent inclusion in the 2009 edition of the
Who's Who of
Australian Women.
Here's Harry!
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