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Here's a great fractured tale from Hanin:

It was a stormy night and sleep seemed impossible for Dave. As he tossed
and turned, he knew a restless night was inevitable. The thunder and
lightning kept coming but luckily, Dave was able to fall asleep with the help
of some earplugs. As Dave fell into a deep sleep, he found himself in
another world. It seemed to be a war torn world and Dave couldn't find the
way out.

Dave raced from one corner to another trying to find a safe spot. He ran
toward a huge war machine which, he later found out, was a trebuchet.
Mistaking him for a soldier, the captain ordered Dave to fire the trebuchet
at a faraway fort. Confused by such an order, Dave, the physics genius,
asked the captain at which angle to fire the projectile.

"Fifteen degrees," said the captain.

It seemed as though the number was unreasonable. What was Dave to do.
He didn't want to be killed and figured he better start calculating. Just as
his brain began to work, an army of soldiers and many fires were shot at
Dave's fellow officers. Struggling to figure out a solution, Dave thought of
the idea of projectile motion. He then realized that if he broke the
everything into horizontal and vertical components, that he could estimate a
distance. After a few minutes of extremely quick calculations, Dave fired the
trebuchet's projectile at the target. Thankfully, he was just a tad off the
target and his shot saved the day.

Dave turned out to be a hero and was rewarded most valuable warrior. The
captain, soldiers, and city people cheered for Dave. He was being thrown
from one place to another, as everyone wished to congratulate him. Dave
would come to learn the importance of vector quantities and how such
things were used many years ago on the battle field. Feeling extremely
delighted, Dave started dancing. Just then, he heard a big thud, and woke
up to find himself on the floor.

Later that morning, he and his friend, Ziggy discussed his dream and what
it possibly meant. We all know, however, that Dave wasn't the genius, but
Mr Galileo was indeed the master of physics.

                          Thank you, Hanin.
Fractured Tales

"What on earth is a fractured tale?" I hear you ask. A fractured tale is an
unusual and bizarre story that takes many unexpected twists and turns.
Use the words and names from
Puzzle Page #3 to tell an exciting story of your
imaginary travels to interesting places. Make the story as unusual as you
possibly can. Make sure the story has a definite beginning, middle and end. An
example has been started for you. You can continue the example, or start from
Get the picture? Go ahead and
create your very own fractured tale.

                           The Blue Flamingo

On my travels through the very beautiful and very strange land of India, I saw
many unusual sights. I had just left the city of Delhi which was a buzzing hive
of activity, to trek across the country. I had trekked  through the wilds of the
Indian countryside and ended up at the Taj Mahal where I ran into my friends,
Adele and Arnold. I was very happy to see them. They were having lunch in
the gardens with a flamingo. This was not an ordinary flamingo. This flamingo
was blue, not pink. Adele, Arnold and the blue flamingo were eating cucumber
sandwiches washed down with bright blue lemonade.

All of a sudden, a spaceship landed beside them and beamed the orange
flamingo up into its hull. Adele and Arnold stopped eating for a moment and
looked up at the spaceship. Then they looked at each other, shrugged their
shoulders and continued eating their delicious sandwiches and drinking their
thirst-quenching lemonade.

Then my gondola came along and I was soon on my way to Venice
Spirit Free!
Where good readers become good writers.
Fun Page # 3
Harry Hardcover's Writing Activity

Read your daily horoscope. Write about a
perfect day when all the nice things that are
predicted actually happen to you. If you don't
like your real horoscope, make up your own
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