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Match the Punchline

I bet you thought you would get to be a bit lazy on this page. Think again.
In this activity, match the correct punchlines to the jokes below.
A bird that doesn't give a hoot.
Why do hummingbirds hum?
Why do birds fly south?
He was a dirty double-crosser.
Why did the chicken cross the road,
roll in the mud and cross back?
Because it's too far to walk.
What do you call an owl with a sore
Because they don't know the
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What's black and white and read all
over?  A newspaper, of course.
Tim, a computer games nut, goes into an Internet cafe after tying up his great
dane out the front. He puts his money in the slot and sits down to log on. Another
guy comes in, approaches Tim and says,

"Hey mate, do you own a Great Dane?

"Yes," says Tim.

"Is your great dane tied up outside? asks the other bloke.

"Yes," replies Tim, "why do you ask?"

"Because, my dog's killing it," replies the second guy.

"Your dog is killing my dog?" asks Tim. "What kind of dog is your dog?"

"It's a chihuahua," replies the other guy.

Tim asks, incredulously, "How can a chihuahua kill a great dane?"

And the other guy says, "It's stuck in his throat!"
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