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Kayleigh Burns, aged 7
On this page, you can read reviews by the kids and admire their great artwork. There is plenty of room for
more - so please feel free to send in your comments and art.

'Ice Quest' by Nora Jones is an excellent publication that highlights to children,
in an easy to understand method, the current struggles that the Earth faces in
regard to Climate Change.

I purchased the book for my four daughters who are between the ages of 4
and 8. They were all very excited by the pack that the book comes with and
also the wonderful illustrations within the book captured their imaginations
straight away.

Throughout the reading, they were completely silent, listening attentively to the
story unfold.  As a person who had an interest in classical studies at school, I
was pleasantly surprised to come across Thor, the Norse god of Thunder. Thor
had always been one of my favourites in classical studies. What boy wouldn't
like a god who has a big hammer and can shoot bolts of lightning?

I would thoroughly recommend this book for children and parents who enjoy a
story that portrays an important message whilst still having a fantasy element -
you will not be disappointed.

Robert Burns, father and outstanding book reviewer
Picture of Ice Queen, Serena and a Lightning Bolt by
Nicholas Bursic from Boolaroo Public School
Here is some great colouring-in work by Kindy, Year 1, 2 and 3 students from Boolaroo Public School:
Lauren Burns, aged 6
Where good readers become good writers.
Colouring-in by
Eliana Hogan
from Belmont
North Public
Here is some great colouring-in work by students in Muswellbrook:
Angelise Van Vliet, Muswellbrook
South Public School
Annika King, Muswellbrook  Public
Braeden Van Vliet, Muswellbrook
South Public School