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Everyone gets to contribute a paragraph to the story. We will start the story
for you and you can write the next paragraph and the next and the next.
Keep checking back to make sure your paragraph fits into the last one written so that the
story flows. Your paragraph should be between 50 and 200 words in length.

Let's start:

Alex felt that things were different as soon as he put his key in the lock and pushed the
heavy door open. His mother was nowhere to be seen and even the cat was behaving

Even when his mother was not around, Alex always felt that somehow she was still watching
him, waiting to catch him out whenever he did something wrong.
  (submitted by Frank)

Alex called out to his dog. The dog's name was Rosso. Everything about the situation felt
strange. Even the dog was behaving strangely; he was running in circles, chasing his tale.
He hadn't done that since he was a young pup.

"What's happening here?" Alex thought.

Then suddenly, he felt an evil presence in the house.
(submitted by Elle)

Alex looked around the house. Was he just imagining hearing doors opening and closing
and mysterious footsteps in the house? Rosso followed him around as he investigated.
Rosso didn't seem to be smelling anything different than he should be smelling. Maybe the
evil presence
was Rosso.
(submitted by Amanda)

Suddenly the air turned cold and all the breath seemed to be sucked out of the house like a
vacuum. Even with very little breath in his lungs, Alex turned to face the bedroom door and
started walking towards it. He carefully opened the door and then, right before he passed
out, he saw it.
(submitted by Anna)
When Alex regained consiousness, he sat upright and stared at the thing. He didn't know
what it was and Rosso was none the wiser. Alex did know that he felt terrible for thinking it
was the poor, innocent dog. Alex stood up and stepped backwards, and the thing didn't
seem to notice him. He stared at it and thought some more. Then, it seemed so obvious! It
was a...
(submitted by Amanda)
...woman tied up like a mummy! The woman was all wrapped up so that Alex couldn't tell
who it was. Alex was frightened, but he set to work immediately. He untied the woman
hands and began to take off the binding. Alex reeled back in horror when he saw who it

His mother!

At that moment, he sensed yet another presence behind him.

'If this is my mother, who is standing behind me?' Alex thought.

He had very little time to think about the answer before he heard his mother shout,

"Look out behind you, Alex! It's your aunt, my evil twin sister."

Alex stood up immediately. He was almost paralyzed with shock.

"I have an evil aunt?" he mouthed, unable to make any sound at all.

As he turned, the strange, evil woman with a wild look in her eyes and a dagger raised
above her head, started to come toward Alex. Rosso started barking frantically. Then,
unexpectedly, Alex's father appeared in the doorway behind them!

"What's all this about?" he asked.

"My twin sister has captured me and she intends to kill us. She used me as a trap for Alex.
It is Alex she really wants." explained his wife, who was still on the floor, struggling with the
last of the binding.
Alex's father looked completely baffled.

"But why?" he stammered.

He had dropped his briefcase and papers were strewn everywhere.
(submitted by Sahar)
Just at that moment, out of nowhere, a wild wind began to stir up. Papers, dust and debris
went flying everywhere. This lasted for several minutes. When it finally settled, Alex's
mother found that the evil aunt was nowhere to be seen. Alex's dad was lying on the floor.
He had been knocked unconscious. Rosso, who had been beside Alex the whole time, was
also gone...
(link paragraph by Nora)
Alex's evil Aunt Agatha had managed to escape by jumping into a secret doorway that
had been in Alex's bedroom ever since the house was built. Unfortunately for Rosso,
Agatha had realised that his barking would have given her secret away so she had swept
him up in her cardigan before she made her getaway.  Now she was running through the
secret tunnel, carrying Rosso in her arms, until she arrived at....
(submitted by Rod)
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Story Page # 1
Spirit Free!
...a crossroads. To the left, the way climbed steeply upwards, so steep in fact that it
could almost be described as a chute. Only there were clear footholds which the dark
lady briefly eyed with contempt. Ahead, the tunnel seemed to run interminably into the
distance and as she paused, Alex's aunt could hear the scurrying of tiny feet that she
was all too familiar with.  

She looked down at the squirming bulge beneath her cardigan.  Clasping the dog tightly
against her with one arm, she freed her other hand to reach down and pick up what
looked like a small hedgehog off the ground by her feet and, object in hand, she turned
to her right.  
(submitted by Tiscali)
There stood Alex with a look of intense anger on his face.

"Hand over the dog, old woman. If you don't give me that dog, you will regret it for as
long as you live," Alex exclaimed.

As his aunt turned to flee, Alex dived at her feet and brought her to the ground in a
stupendous tackle that his football coach would have been immensely proud of.

"Give him the dog," boomed a voice that seemed to be coming from the heavens.

Alex and his aunt looked up to see Alex's mother standing, no, towering over them.

"I warned you to stay out of my life, Agatha. I can't do anything about your pathetic
existence. If you can't change, then go away and leave us alone," Alex's mother
demanded, trembling as she spoke.

Alex grabbed Rosso and went and stood by his mother's side.

"Alright, alright, Allison. I concede defeat and will change my ways. I will stop trying to
steal control of your life and identity. I'm getting too old for this sort of caper, anyway.

Alex and his mother were laughing so hard, they could hardly help Aunt Agatha up off
the ground. They walked off arm in arm, back to the house for a refreshing cup of tea
with Rosso bringing up the rear.
Oksana has added a new twist. It seems like this story does not want to die.

As soon as they were inside the house, Aunt Agatha pulled a gun from her pocket and

"You're not safe anywhere, Allison. So, come quietly and tell me where the portal is!"

"What portal?" Alex wondered out loud.

"He he he," Agatha snickered.

"You haven't told him? Well, I will. The portal is where your
lovely parents came from,"
said Agatha, throwing out a real and perplexing challenge to Alex's parents.
(submitted by Caitlin)
Alex looked up, baffled at the thought of a portal that his parents came from.

"Agatha, please, what is it that you want?"

"I just told you, the portal! Now tell me where."

Agatha held up her gun.

"The barnhouse! Don't shoot, please. The barnhouse right outside. I'll show you. Just
don't shoot!"

Allison's eyes seemed to be spilling out more water then they could hold. She lead
Agatha to the house, but signalled Alex to stay.

"Alex, I love you and your father very much. Goodbye."
She managed to somehow choke up more tears, and asked Agatha for a moment in
privacy with Alex.  Agatha approved.

"Mom, what's going on? What's the portal? What will happen to you?"

"Alex, calm down. I just have something to show you...
(submitted by Emily)
"See Alex," said Aunt Agatha, "your parents are robots and your real parents are
(submitted by Tim)
Alex's mother took off her scarf to reveal a small bolt in her neck.
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